Public Relations

From PR Strategy to the implementation of long term PR programs, from press conferences to analyst meetings, from product and business, corporate and financial PR to environmental communication, from internal communications to crises management, we do them all.

Our specialist Public Relations division, Pressman PR has earned the reputation of being one of the most respected PR consultancies in India.

Corporate PR – We specialize in providing businesses with advice and support on a range of corporate communication fronts. Over the years, we have assisted many companies in building and establishing their corporate reputations and positioning them effectively in the market place.

Through continuous communications with all target groups – media, shareholders, employees and consumers – using creative and targeted strategies, we work towards establishing a strong brand for our clients.

Financial PR – Our resources include extensive database of analysts, funds managers and opinion makers. Over the years we have assimilated a wealth of experience on how to interest, inform and influence the investing public.

Our range of skills is as wide as the scale of campaigns we handle. We are as experienced in handling assignments with budgets of tens of millions of rupees as in those involving just tens of thousands.

Marketing PR – By developing knowledge based business-to-business and business-to-consumer, we can impact behaviour and choice in short term while building long term brand preference and loyalty.

By employing creative planning, based on a brand’s strategy, we are able to deliver powerful campaigns that reach the target audiences and achieve measurable business results.

Media Relations – We excel in media relations and through our countrywide network, we ensure that our clients’ message reach every important media throughout India. We network very well with both mainstream and trade media, news agencies, electronic media and news portals.

At pressman, media relations strategy is at the core of every programme. We lay strong emphasis on feature articles that quickly establishes a client’s credibility and greatly enhance future media and marketing efforts.

Investor Relations – Winning the support of analyst community, whose opinion directly influence the financial and media communities, can play a definite role in company’s success or failure..

Pressman is among India’s leading investor relations firm and provides strategic advice to many companies. We provide the full range of communications for the investor community.

We can quickly deliver the right message to the right people – analysts shareholders, institutional and retail investors, fund managers and the media – whose opinions are instrumental in determining a company’s reputation and valuation.

Crises Handling - Although corporate crises cannot be predicted, they can be anticipated and must be met quickly with straightforward and persuasive responses.

We work alongside management when customers, consumers, employees, investors, stakeholders, regulators and government bodies are all demanding immediate answers and action.

Our experience in the field extends from product failure, fraud and piracy to strikes and litigation, from difficult restructuring to campaigns of active groups and boycotts.

Event Services - The scope of events that we create and manage include trade shows, road shows, seminars, product and store launches, media conferences, analysts and fund managers meetings and all type of company meetings.

We handle all aspects of the event in a meticulous manner: venue bookings and arrangements; designing, printing and sending out of invitations to a carefully drawn out list of invitees; follow up; preparation of kits and exhibits; registrations; every single detail is important to us.